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For Your Entertainment: Rules Empty For Your Entertainment: Rules

Post by Samantha James Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:01 am

General Rules:

1. Respect the opinions of all the other members. No disrespect of any kind will be tolerated. If you have problems with a member try to work out these problems amongst yourselves before consulting an administrator.

2. Notify an administrator if you are going to be away from the forum for and extended period of time so your accounts can be saved. Accounts will be deleted after extended periods of inactivity (a month or more)

Rules Regarding Topics and Posting:

1. On this site we speak in third person past tense. It’s easier to understand what’s going on if we all post the same.

2. Please check your posts for spelling and grammar errors. We understand if it’s late and you are tired, but try to keep it under control.

3. Signature and animation limit is two of each and try to keep them at a decent size

4. Cursing is allowed, but keep it reasonable

5. Ask a person to do a topic with you before you post it

6. Please reply and post topics with the character account used in the topic

7. If your topic contains, or you think will later contain heavy sexual references (smut), please place a warning in the topic description and/or use the red color feature for your topic title.

Rules Regarding Characters:

1. There is no character limit

2. Try not to have all the same character type

3. Do not create a character related to someone in any way (sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend) without asking that person first

4. Relationships on this site are not limited to one relationship per character, and can be both slash and het. for example, if I am doing a Idina/Taye topic in one thread, I can also do a Idina/Kristen in another.

5. Make sure all characters are okay with a storyline before you post it.

6. Try to create the accounts for your characters as soon as you can after they are requested

7. Please post your responses with the account of the character you are using to respond. For example, if you play both Idina and Adam, do not post a Idina response with your Adam account UNLESS both Idina and Adam appear in that topic and both of them are going to say something at that moment.

8. Please do not play both members of a couple. This defeats the purpose of role play. If you play two characters and you wish to do a topic with them. PM an administrator and have them temporarily change the password to one of the accounts and ask another member to play that character for you.
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